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They are formulated, manufactured and packaged in the South East region of France.

Specifically formulated to optimise tolerance, all our products can be applied by pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our products do not contain essential oils or other potentially irritating or endocrine-disrupting ingredients.

Because our goal is above all to offer our customers the best possible products in terms of Pleasure / Efficiency / Naturalness / Serenity.
And in our opinion, 100% naturalness is secondary to the real expectations of most consumers.
If you think about it, would you use a potentially allergenic or ineffective or unpleasant product just because it is 100% natural? Probably not.
Especially since your reason for wanting natural products is probably that you think they are safer.

Yes, but the question is: safer for whom? For nature or for you?
Natural and organic certifications are mainly concerned with nature. We are mainly concerned with you.

Of course, this does not mean that our products are not natural. They are as natural as possible without compromising the other 3 aspects we value. And that's where we make the difference. For us, the percentage of naturalness is the adjustment factor that allows us to guarantee the other 3 aspects. Having said that, our products all exceed 95% natural ingredients and we will work hard with ingredient suppliers so that in the future we can reach 100% while still meeting our other criteria.

We simply promise you the best possible products to give you Pleasure, Efficiency and Serenity while being as Natural as possible. That is our brand promise to you and it will never change.

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting that other brands' products are unsafe. Particularly when you consider that products authorised for sale in the EU must comply with cosmetic regulations to ensure that they are safe. We just go beyond these provisions by refusing ingredients that are permitted but that we don't like for the reasons given above.

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